Take Me Back

Take Me Back is an exhibition that is interested in a fond memories of a place, season or time. This show includes paintings that are references to the artists experiences in New Zealand as well as France. - Artists words

Croissant La Plague and other recent works are also based on sketches and studies on linen and accompanying photographs. Dewhirst admits that they represent a different approach to making and resolving work. While she retains a democratic approach to the range of marks she is capable of making in a single painting – impasto, broad and gestural, rhythmical and patterned, or wide sweeping washes of colour wet-on-wet on the surface of the canvas – her painting are informed by passages that are specific in their detail and figurative qualities, located and reconciled alongside bold abstract forms and motifs: ‘When I initially started painting I just wanted to learn various techniques of painting with colour, shapes and form, making such images look complete. I really love the process of painting. For more from Warren Feeney click HERE


Waipara - 74.5cm x 54.5cm - Acrylic on canvas


 Coastal - 74.5cm x 54.5cm - Acrylic on canvas


Paradise - 74.5cm x 54.5cm - Acrylic on canvas


Maronan- 74.5cm x 54.5cm - Acrylic on canvas


Tropics - 74.5cm x 54.5cm - Acrylic on canvas


Tryphena - 200cm x 140cm - Acrylic on canvas