Bon appétit

Rachael Dewhirst’s series of paintings ‘Bon appétit’ are a continued reflection on the artist’s journey in France. The work has taken a more figurative approach integrating forms from markets, villages and new landscape. This latest work draws on her pervious collages along side recalled memories and small studies of the artists surroundings. These works fuse the captivating familiarity of the visual experiences of France, expanding it into larger more dynamic painterly spaces. Recognition of modernist artists such as Matisse, Hodgkins and Stellar can still be felt within the painterly expression of all over patterning, use of light and colour. Whilst coupled with with new references to more Surrealist tendencies seen in the bizarre placement of food within the landscape. Glazed croissants march across the canvas and stacked baguettes form the frame of a pier. Delicate brushwork mimics fine lacework of French couture; every work a play on the cultivation of taste.